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Lynn’s Speaker Talks

Lynn has developed several talks that she loves to give to music students, general high school or university groups and corporate entities. They can be tailored for timing to fit your event needs!
  • Forte Yourself! A talk about building resilience! Use 5 famous musicians and traits we can learn from them.
  • Defining and Developing Artistry in Performance – who are you as an artist??
  • Triple Channel Learning and how to apply it to learn music fast and deep with visual, aural and kinesthetic learning
  • Organizing your Life and Time! Secrets to using the right tools to manage things and stay organized!
  • The Power of Storytelling and how to apply it to your art
  • Music & Nature – explorations to cultures and ways that music and nature intersect
  • Bach on marimba – everything about playing and making Bach work for the percussionist
  • Be Good to Yourself – Empowering yourself for better mental health in school!
  • Music Life & Career General Q&A
  • Performance Anxiety and how to master it!
  • The Future of Marimba (in development)