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Forever Network

What is The Forever Network?

First and foremost, The Forever Network is a program that makes connections between students and professionals in the arts. As artists we all count on each other for inspiration, advice. mentorship and leadership. One thought leads to another, one moment of passion builds to another, and ideas turn into magic.

As I have been teaching and living in Utah, I have been so inspired by our students at Southern Utah University. However, some students are faced with challenges of being themselves as artists in the context of the complicated social landscape of our beautiful state. Not everyone comes from the same background or support system, and as experienced artists we have the opportunity to lift up others and even up the field for aspiring artists of the next generation. It is the hope for The Forever Network to connect, build and help these young artists earn their degree and be connected to professionals in their future careers.

How you can get involved?

  1. The Forever Network Scholarship:  This new scholarship fund helps students in Southern Utah University’s College of Performing & Visual Arts who identify as LGBTQ+ earn their degree by providing financial tuition assistance. The goal of this fund is to create an endowment that will exist in perpetuity. Earnings will be allocated to scholarships for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and are working on majors within the College of Performing & Visual Arts. Please consider donating here: and designate your gift by adding “The Forever Network” in the comment section.
  2. Skills, Products or Services: Are you a graphic designer, photographer, video editor, audio engineer, web designer? Are you a great proof-reader? Do you have a business or skill that you would be interested in volunteering in some way?  If you would like to offer some service to help an aspiring artist at Southern Utah University, please email and tell me what you might be able to offer!
  3. Mentorship: Would you be interested in mentoring? Would you like to be an ear to listen or to offer advice in an aspiring artist’s career?  Mentorship is known to be one of the #1 ways to inspire and help people stay on track for their goals and success.  Please email to get more involved in this way!

Are you a student at SUU who wants to be in the Network?  Email me at and let me know!  Let’s make the connections happen!  Join us in The Forever Network!