tap danicng1Growing up as a child in Fresno, Lynn was dancing, singing and always performing. Her Armenian heritage provided the backdrop for her first audiences. With cousins, aunts and uncles she would insist they watch her latest play or dance show, even if it was in the backyard and 110 degrees outside.

Lynn took piano lessons from a young age, and when her teacher could get her to sit still on the piano bench, she loved to sight-read all the new music that came in to the studio. She had yet to learn the art of practicing, preferring to see how she could challenge herself and learn things fast. After some forays into flute and violin, she found great variety in the percussion family of instruments, exploring new sounds and new directions in presenting music that she loved. Eventually that passion would take over and become her inspiration in life, personally and professionally.

drum majorLynn travelled extensively internationally as a young girl, it is that exposure to other countries and cultures has embedded a world curiosity that goes hand in hand with her music. She continues to explore, collaborate and find connections between music, people and the creative arts.

Her journey has just begun!


Favorite Places to Visit: Greece and Italy

Favorite Foods: Anything ethnic!

Favorite Sport: To do? Yoga! To watch? Soccer!

Secret Obsession: Bags!

Favorite Indulgence Food: French Fries!

Last Great Movie Lynn watched: I really liked the racer movie Rush

Mentors: Doug Lowry and Jerry Steinholtz (both are much missed)

Favorite Composers / Musicians / Performers: Gustav Mahler, Hilary Hahn, Midori, Evelyn Glennie

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