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Wadada Leo Smith
String Quartets Nos 1 - 12
7 album box set of the 12 string quartets of Wadada Leo Smith with guest performers
TUM Records
Lou Harrison: Works for Percussion & Violin
Lynn Vartan, producer; Doug Smith, percussion, UVU Percussion, Hilary Demske, piano, & Donna Fairbanks, violin.
Albany Records
Lynn Vartan
Dancing on the Head of A Pin
Delos Records
Gabriela Ortiz
Aroma Foliado
A musical portrait of composer Gabriela Ortiz, five important works are represented from her colorful and diverse output ranging from 1991 to 2010.
Wadada Leo Smith
Ten Freedom Summers
4 CD set of chamber music based on the Civil Rights Movement by composer, Wadada Leo Smith
Cuneiforms Records
Chinary Ung
The Music of Chinary Ung, Volume III
New CD by Cambodian-American composer, Chinary Ung
Bridge Records, Inc.
James Newton
Sacred Works
Renown composer James Newton's sacred work for chamber musicians
New World Records
David Johnson
Quartz City
Percussionist/Composer David Johnson's chamber works for percussion
Lian Records
Southwest Chamber Music
William Kraft: Encounters
3 CD Set of the Encounters Series, 15 works featuring percussion solo, duo and chamber music
Cambria Records
Inner World: The Music of David S. Lefkowitz
Chamber music by Southern California composer David Lefkowitz
Yarlung Records
Southwest Chamber Music
Carlos Chávez: Complete Chamber Music, Vol. 3
New CD of the percussion music of Carlos Chavez
Toccata, Tambuco, and other landmark works for percussion ensemble
Cambria Records
Southwest Chamber Music
Chinary Ung: Aura, Oracle, and Still Life After Death
New CD of the chamber works of Cambodian-American Composer Chinary Ung
Cambria Records
Stephen Hartke
Tituli – Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain
American composer Stephen Hartke and the Hilliard Ensemble
ECM New Series
Erica Muhl
Range of Light: Selected Chamber Works
CD of chamber works by American composer Erica Muhl
Tremor for solo marimba and Pulse, Shiver Stomp for percussion ensemble
Albany Records
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Sonic Scenery: Music for Collections CD
Music commissioned by the Natural History Museum exclusively for the Sonic Scenery exhibit
Percolative Processes by Stephen Hartke
Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

Solo Marimba

Abe, Keiko
Wind in the Bamboo Grove
Abe, Keiko
Beglarian, Eve
Until It Blazes
Berg, Daniel
Blue Memories
Burritt, Michael
Crockett, Donald
The Falcon's Eye***
Debussy, Claude
Dr. Gradus and Parnassum
Druckman, Jacob
Reflections on the Nature of Water
Ewazen, Eric
Northern Lights
Farr, Gareth
3 Etudes
Hall, Dave
Apocolyptic Etude
Hatzis, Christos
In the Fire of Conflict
Hubbard, Clark
Ignatowicz, Anna
Toccata for Marimba
Kopetzki, Edward
Kato, Daiki
Le Picard, Guillaume
Mackey, Steven
See Ya Thursday
Maric, Dave
Sense & Innocence
Marjan, Csaba Zoltan
Miki, Minoru
Marimba Spiritual
Miyake, Kazunori
Muhl, Erica
Musgrave, Thea
From Spring to Spring
Sammut, Eric
Four Rotations for Marimba
Sammut, Eric
Schwanter, Joseph
Sonenberg, Daniel
Machine Shop***
Tanaka, Toshimitsu
Two Movements for Marimba
Thomas, Andrew
Ung, Chinary
Cinnabar Heart
Zivkovic, Nebojsa


Abe, Keiko
Prism Rapsody for Marimba and Orchestra
Creston, Paul
Concertino for Marimba
Daugherty, Michael
Higdon, Jennifer
Percussion Concerto
Musgrave, Thea
Two’s Company
Milhaud, Darius
Concerto for Percussion
Rosauro, Ney
Concerto No 1 for Marimba
Schwantner, Joseph
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
Séjourné, Emmanuel
Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra

Solo Percussion

Alvarez, Javier
Colgrass, Michael
Te Tuma Te Papa
Crockett, Donald
Afterimage ***
Globokar, Vinko
Hoey, Steve
Hymnos ***
Holmes, Jeffrey
Stormbringer ***
Honestein, Robert
An Economy of Means
Kahlua, Compaigne
Ceci n’est pas une balle
Krausas, Veronika
Suspiro ***
Macens, Ella
Falling Embers
Ruders, Poul
Saariaho, Kaija
Six Japanese Gardens
Séjourné, Emmanuel
Skidmore, David
A Running Knot
Snowden, Steve
Long Distance
Volans, Kevin
She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket
Wood, James

Chamber Music

White, Barbara
When the Smoke Clears
vln, mar, cl
Harrison, Lou
The Varied Trio
vln, perc, pf
Craig, Bryce
Prelude to a Dream
perc, cl
Hines, Edward
Yeni Makam
perc, cl
Edwards, Ross
perc, cl
Whitmarsh, Jamie
Buckle Up
perc, cl
Ortiz, Gabriela
Rio de las Mariposas
2 harps, steel drum
Psathas, John
Matre's Dance
perc, pf
Hatzis, Christos
Arctic Dreams No 1
perc, flute
Takemitsu, Toru
perc qtet and electronics
Kraft, William
The Encounters Series
various duos
Spencer, Julie
Tribeca Sunflower
Percussion Quartet
Wood, James
Village Burial With Fire
Percussion Quartet
Naidoo, Shaun
Trenchcoat Dances ***
Solo Perc. & Chamber Ens.
Johnson, David
Dark Wing
Marimba and Cello
Aldridge, Robert
Marimba and Violin
Colgrass, Michael
Hammer and Bow
Marimba and Violin
Crockett, Donald
Marimba and Violin
Jones, David P.
Legal Highs
Marimba and Violin
Lansky, Paul
Three Moves for Marimba
Marimba and Violin
Ortiz, Gabriela
Atlas Pumas
Marimba and Violin
Cerrone, Christopher
Double Happiness
Vibes, perc., gtr.

Duo Percussion

Abe, Keiko
Conversation in the Forest
Burritt, Michael
Sweet Dreams and Time Machines
Debussy, Claude
Valse Romantique
Holmes, Cody
Ravel, Maurice
Alborada del Gracioso
Reich, Steven
Nagoya Marimbas
Reich, Steven
Piano Phase
Safri Duo
Tudon, Raul
Wahlund, Ben
History of Man
Zivkovic, Nebojsa
Ultimatum II

Marimba Solo Program Examples

  • Blue Memories, Daniel Berg
  • Abaca, Guillaume le Picard
  • Farr Etudes
  • Odessa
  • Sejourne Prelude No 1
  • Toccata
  • Apocolyptic Etude

Electro-Acoustic Program

Can be made to be between 30 - 60 minutes of music. Edgy electroacoustic music that combines live percussion with audio. Could have film added. Examples include:
  • Machine Shop
  • Mountain
  • Ziu
  • Celestial Sphere
  • In the Fire of Conflict

World Transcription Program

Can be made to be 30 - 45 min of music. Acoustic only. Transcriptions of guitar music from all over the world on marimba.
  • Aravat Lousaber
  • Terruno
  • Serás Verdad

New Adventures in Collaboration

Can be made to be 30 - 60 min of music. Electro-acoustic sounds from the Push trigger system mixed with live percussion. Could have film added.